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Mission: Oxygen for India

ALAPIO has provided funding and spearheaded the construction of an Oxygen Generating Plant at MK Shah Hospital in Ahmedabad. The lessons learned from the COVID-19 pandemic have underscored the importance of preparedness for future challenges, ensuring a consistent supply of life-saving oxygen. In addition to this initiative, ALAPIO has procured and distributed several thousand oxygen concentrators to address critical shortages during the COVID-19 crisis in India. ALAPIO's commitment to this cause reflects the belief that the entire world is one interconnected family.

We are collaborating with various organizations to facilitate the availability of oxygen concentrators, which are priced at approximately $250 each. ALAPIO's leadership is actively coordinating the procurement of around 7,000 concentrators from China. Remarkably, Air India has generously offered to transport these units to India without any charges. These concentrators will be promptly distributed to areas where they are urgently needed.


Our overarching objective is to raise $1 million, a substantial portion of which will also be allocated to supply ventilators and essential medications to aid in the fight against COVID-19. We have established partnerships with Sarva Mangal Trust and the Joy of Sharing Foundation to further strengthen our impact. Dr. Nitin Shah is diligently overseeing and coordinating all efforts, both locally and in India, to ensure the success of this critical initiative.


Please make your tax deductible contribution to today.


DONATE online or make a check donation made payable to "ALAPIO"

Mailing Address: 3148 Fond Drive Encino, CA 91436

ALAPIO is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization & all donations made to ALAPIO are tax deductible.

EIN 46-3341779

We want to Thank All the Donors who made the mission Successful
Our Special Gratitude to all our Top Donors

$50,000.00 Bharat & Ninna Patel Foundation 
$25,000.00 Money Market Club
$25,000.00 Smita & Mukund Patel

$15,500.00 Sheetal Amin & Chirag Desai 
$15,000.00 Daxa & Sudhir Kapadia
$10,000.00 Aggarwal Sanjay
$10,000.00 Collier Basil
$10,000.00 Jayashree & Vinod Jivrajka
$10,000.00 Naresh & Priti Solanki
$5,000.00 Ujval Zaveri
$5,000.00 Nandini & Deepak Chopra
$5,000.00 Einat & Raj Makkar
$5,000.00 Mira & Bharat Joshi
$5,000.00 Nath Ravinder
$5,000.00 Dr. Asha Desai
$5,000.00 Varsha & Mukul Kinariwala
$3,000.00 Vijay Chhabra
$3,000.00 Dhanesh Bhindi
$2,500.00 Manoj Kamalia
$2,500.00 Manu Foundation
$2,500.00 Deemas Charitable Foundation
$2,500.00 Bhalla Brothers & Friends
$2,500.00 Sood Enterprises
$2,500.00 Kiran & Anil Hiteshi
$2,500.00 Kumud & Bhupesh Parikh
$1,001.00 Pravin Ghael
$1,001.00 Jayshree & Arvind Mehta
$1,000.00 Gary Stines
$1,000.00 Anoop Shah
$1,000.00 Jyotindra Shah
$1,000.00 Manish Sahi
$1,000.00 Ketan Parekh
$1,000.00 Ravi Khosla
$1,000.00 Kishor Mandalaywala
$1,000.00 Suresh Nihalani
$1,000.00 Vanisha Patel
$1,000.00 TCW Trends Inc
$1,000.00 Akbar Aziz
$1,000.00 Preeti Bhagia
$1,000.00 Madhu & Vrinda Katakia
$1,000.00 Smita & Jay Shah
$1,000.00 Surekha Patel

$40,000.00 Viru & Nita Patel 
$25,000.00 Bhallinder Bhalla 
$19,998.00 Preeti & Anil Shah
$11,000.00 Surendra & Kala Jain Foundation
$10,000.00 Ketan Sharma
$10,000.00 Balu & Bhanu Ghade
$10,000.00 Mohammad & Carol Virani
$6,000.00 Geeta & Rohit Trivedi
$5,135.00 Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
$5,000.00 Nirav Shah
$5,000.00 Indravadan Patel
$5,000.00 Krishna Patel
$2,001.00 Nauzad Sadry
$2,000.00 Jignesh Patel
$2,000.00 Nili Patel
$2,000.00 Kiran Modi
$2,000.00 Tejaskumar Naik
$2,000.00 Haresh Patel
$2,000.00 Ashok & Priti Patel
$2,000.00 Nimmi & Vinod Assomull
$2,000.00 Lawrence & Sandra Post
$2,000.00 Shikha & Swaraj Bose
$2,000.00 Smita & Sonny Mohindra
$2,000.00 Sushma & Raj Prasad
$1,500.00 Simmi Kokal
$1,000.00 Rupsi Burman
$1,000.00 Ravi Chhabra
$1,000.00 Ninad Deshpanday
$1,000.00 Vijay Chhabra
$1,000.00 Nitin Shah
$1,000.00 Jignesh Patel
$1,000.00 Farsak Palia
$1,000.00 Kedar Challakere
$1,000.00 Veena Gupta
$1,000.00 Indravadan Shah
$1,000.00 Hitu & Preeti Patel
$1,000.00 Ashok Kumar
$1,000.00 Ami & Stanly Idicula
$1,000.00 Mona Patni
$1,000.00 Hari Iyer
$1,000.00 Nayna & Bihari Shah

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