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Uttam Kumar Sinha, MS, MD, FACS

Professor of Otolaryngology--Head and Neck Surgery, Medical Director of Head and Neck Surgery, Watt Family Endowed Chair for Head and Neck Cancers.

Though HPV is associated more with Genital cancers, and though there are scores of different mutations of the virus, the #s 16 and 18 are associated with cancers.

The spread is from skin to skin contact. In 1983, Harald Zur Hausen, a German virologist, who mainly specialized in the EBV, identify HPV 16 in Cervical cancer tumors.


The vaccine against HPV was developed in Australia, and the 3 dose regimen is recommended for males in the 13-21 age group and females in the 9-16 group though it can be given till age 45.

A nine valent vaccine is in the pipeline, as is a saliva test to test HPV infection in males.


HPV is a double strand DNA, that effectively gains control of the cell cycle. The viral particles infect the stem cells, introducing the viral genome into the stem cell genome. P53, a tumor suppressor protein, is the guardian of the Stem cell genome. However, this is degraded by by HPV and destroyed by smoking. Thus tumors caused by the latter are more volatile.


HPV changes the micro-environment by down-grading the innate immunity and compromising the adaptive immunity. In the last 10 years, there has been a 400% increase in HPV induced head and neck cancers, as a result of an increase in oral sex.

The Trans Oral Robotic Surgery (TORS) is used for partial pharyngectomy.


Strategies to control CA

In 1971, Nixon declared war on cancer. Since then $10 Billion have been spent annually. The treatment cost per patent is $150,000 for a life extension of 4 weeks. Therefore a multi-pronged strategy has to evolve.

It is important to realize that every organism has cancer cells and the genes that are active in embryonic cells are also active in cancer, and cancer biology is akin to developmental biology, astrobiology and environmental biology.



Strategies to survive entail the following:

  • Early Detection

  • Primary and secondary prevention with detection and surgical treatment.

  • Innovative Treatment

  • Reduced radiation doses to control the stem cell cancers.

  • HPV vaccination

  • Life Style changes.


The cycle of Energy metabolism dysfunction results in a carcinogenic risk. Infusing the body with extra oxygen through exercising, controls the stem cells thus mitigating and regulating any cancer risk.



Microbiome and cancer

The natural gut bacteria- the body’s biome, is necessary for homeostasis. The increased intake of genetically modified and chemically altered foods, destroys this microbiome. Consuming organic foods and natural yogurt restores this important function by improving the host immune response. This phenomenon has been shown to have positive results when a fecal implant is made from a responder to a non responder.



Emotional stress and cancer

Stress and emotional compromising situations cause a dysfunction in the neuro-chemicals. A high level of norepinephrine causes a reduced immunological response.


Dopamine is an inhibitor of tumor angiogenesis.

The undesired surges in norepinephrine can be controlled by mindful exercises like Pranayama Yoga, where the breathing exercises control the autonomic nervous system, promoting mental calmness through the Pre-BOTC complex in the Medulla.


Melatonin and Cancer

A restful sleep increases the production of natural Melatonin. A reduced melatonin level causes premature death of the stem cells. Conversely, an excessive intake of artificial melatonin suppresses the pineal gland.

Laughter, meditation, exercise all mitigate the effects of cancer.

Summarized by:

Dr. Parvin D. Syal

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