Dr. David E. Smith Free Clinics Innovation Award 2018

Dr. David E. Smith Free Clinics Innovation Award 2018 to ALAPIO.org

On November 9th, 2018 ALAPIO (Association of Los Angeles Physicians of Indian Origin) received the prestigious “Dr. David E. Smith Free Clinics Innovation Award 2018” presented by California Association of Free and Charitable Clinics.

ALAPIO founder member, Dr. Bharat Patel accepted this award on behalf of ALAPIO at an annual meeting of CAFCC in San Diego, California.

CAFCC has more than 50 member clinics all over California and is part of the nationwide Free Clinic Foundation of America.

ALAPIO was singled out as awardee by independent research conducted by CAFCC, particularly after discovering the ALAPIO FREE SURGERY PROGRAM, which is unique in California and throughout USA.

In accepting the award, Dr. Bharat Patel thanked the CAFCC members for the encouragement and recognition of ALAPIO’s work to bring health care to those in need.


ALAPIO is moving forward to support an additional Free Clinic in Norwalk, California and will also participate in providing free medical and surgical care to patients in need at two additional surgical facilities in Southern California. ALAPIO prides itself in bringing healthcare with dignity and respect to those in need. ALAPIO members believe that no one should be denied the healthcare they need  due to  a lack of funds and resources.

ALAPIO is a young organization founded in 2013 and to date has seen more than 1600 patients in the Downey Free Clinic without any fees to the patients. ALAPIO has also performed about 160 free surgeries to date at the Beverly Surgery Center. Patients are provided complete care including free diagnostic testing, medicine, transportation, meals and the best in medical and surgical care. 

ALAPIO is comprised of member doctors from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Mexico, and other countries. It is a multi-cultural organization and our patients also stem from various countries. Please visit our website www.alapio.orgor send us an email at contact@alapio.org

ALAPIO needs your participation, expertise, encouragement and financial support. Make a donation today to support our Free Surgeries Program. Thank you!